What a Chocolate Bar Taught Me About Grace

It was the night before Easter. The night before the big celebration. We quieted our hearts while the four year old asked if he could eat his bread yet and the toddler squirmed around in Daddy’s lap reaching for the grape juice. We knelt together, the four of us, and prayed for the Holy Spirit to convict our hearts of… Read More

3 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Easter

My husband and I both grew up with similar Easter traditions. I have fond memories of dying Easter eggs with my family the week before Easter. I remember barely being able to sleep wondering how in the world the Easter bunny fit through the front door and why I never heard him hiding the eggs around the living room. We’d… Read More

Christmas Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

This time of year always finds my family enjoying Christmas themed activities during home preschool and intentional toddler time! I use Pinterest a lot for gathering ideas, but when it comes time to implement, I like to have all my ideas that I want to try in one place. This post rounds up all the simple Christmas crafts, Christmas themed… Read More

Easy Christmas Tree Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

During the Christmas season, I like to take a break from our regular home preschool curriculum and focus on themed activities. This week in addition to our daily Truth in the Tinsel activity, we’ve been having a lot of fun with Christmas trees! We put up our Advent calendar, decorated our family Christmas tree, and pulled out our felt Christmas… Read More

How to Make a Felt Christmas Tree (and How to Use It for Learning!)

A few years ago, I created a felt Christmas tree for my then 18 month old. Each year, I fold it up into a gallon zip top bag and place it in the bin with all my Christmas decorations. For one of our Advent activities every year, we pull it out again and decorate our felt Christmas tree together. Then… Read More

Our Favorite Children’s Christmas Books to Read Aloud

It’s no secret that my family loves books and Christmas books are no different. Each year our collection of Christmas books grows. We discover old classics, enjoy the familiar, and laugh with the antics of the various Christmas characters we read about. This year I decided to wrap 24 Christmas books to countdown the days of Christmas. We always read… Read More