Food Additives to Be Aware of When Choosing “Convenience”

There is a lot of fake food out there. As much as I like to think everyone is aware of these foods, I’m learning that I’m wrong. If you’re not sure, this post will help. Recently while scrolling my Facebook feed, I came across a post from someone that said, “My husband and I have been watching lots of food… Read More

The Spiritual Discipline of Being Frugal

This post is written by contributing writer, Alina from Good Old Days Farm. It seems like everybody’s talking about the economy these days.  “Recession”… “Unemployment”…  “Inflation”…  “Increased Taxes”… “Tighten your belt”…  “Get on a budget”…  If your pocketbook is starting to feel a wee bit pinched, let me tell you friend, I can totally relate! One day in 2010, my… Read More

What Does Budget Have to Do with God? {Part 2}

This post is written by contributing writer, Sarah. Yesterday, we learned about the importance of stewarding our finances well by taking a look at key scriptures from God’s Word. Today, we’re going to get a little more practical by showing you how to set up a budget with a simple spreadsheet. If you want to know the truth of where… Read More

What Does a Budget Have to Do with God? {Part 1}

This post is written by contributing writer, Sarah. I have a nerd-alert confession to make.  I have kept a budget for my money since I was probably around thirteen years old, after I heard my Sunday School teacher talk about the importance of giving and stewarding our money for God.  I took this lesson to heart, and started an envelope… Read More

God Doesn’t Want Your Money

Then the people rejoiced because they had given willingly, for with a whole heart they had offered freely to the Lord. David the King also rejoiced greatly. -1 Chronicles 29:9 Recently, Mark and I spent several consecutive nights going over our finances. We took ourselves through scripture, as well as used an incredible book, From Debtor to Better, as our… Read More

Give Until the Savior Stops Giving to You: Can You Outgive God?

Growing in Wisdom And Faith: James by Elizabeth George is one of my favorite devotional books (thanks to my wonderful mother-in-love who purchased it for me). Elizabeth George does a wonderful job, I think, of really breaking down each section of the book of James, and helping us, as women, to apply it practically to our every day lives. I’m… Read More