Missions Are Not Just Overseas

By contributing writer, Jane I’ve always had a heart for missions. I used to dream of moving to India or Asia and spreading the Gospel of Jesus to souls in need of Him. But long story short, life took over, and traveling overseas has yet to happen. Maybe it will someday, but in my current season of life, I feel a… Read More

Be a Helper, Not a Manipulator

Too often my motives in bringing ideas to my husband haven’t been pure. Manipulation comes easily to me. My flesh errs on the side of doing what it takes to get what I want. I’m tenacious and meticulous in playing my cards right, and this is bad. This is sin. This is a temptation that I am constantly on guard… Read More

Gentle Guidance – A Helper Fit for Him

By contributing writer, Mark It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to this topic, as there is such a large continuum of stances on the roles of men and women in marriage, and even amongst the readers of this post there will be people all over the board. No matter where you stand, I believe for many… Read More

The Character of a Christian Man Matters

By contributing writer, Mark This one’s for the men. Leigh Ann wrote to the women yesterday. While I realize that I am writing this on a blog pretty much exclusively for women, I am writing this post in the hopes that it will be shared with the men in your life. Ladies, this isn’t going to put anyone straight or fix… Read More

Living the Gospel at Home Starts with Your Marriage

The first five years of our marriage revolved around getting my husband to see things my way, wondering why his Bible never cracked open in the wee hours of the morning like mine always did, helping him see all the areas he failed, and fighting the urge to just take over the staff of the family. Of course, there were… Read More

Stop Focusing on Your Marriage

This post is written by contributing writer, Mary Beth from New Life Steward. “Stop Focusing on Your Marriage.” The first time I heard that statement, I was sitting in a relatively new small group in a friend’s living room. We just started a new study on marriage and during the video segment, the speaker told us to stop focusing on… Read More