20 Quick Ways to Show Your Wife Love

By contributing writer, Mark Life has gotten crazy busy yet again for our family. The list of “due yesterday” is five pages long and the responsibilities weigh on my shoulders like a couple of anvils from a Road Runner cartoon, except I am not as fast as the Road Runner to get away from it all! Ever since Leigh Ann and… Read More

10 Date Night Ideas for Parents of Small Children

Raise your hand if you have a regular date night with your spouse. If you’re like me, you want to raise your hand, but you’ve found yourself in a dating rut since children started coming onto the scene. Last year, I surveyed several married women with a combined 200 years of marriage under their belts. Do you want to know… Read More

14 Books to Read Together as a Couple

Psssttt!!! Have you signed up for the 21-day prayer challenge for your marriage yet? When you sign up, you’ll get a free printable of 64 questions to ask on date night! Click here for more information! One of our favorite date night activities involves sharing a cozy blanket, a hot cup of tea, and just read together. There is something… Read More

Dating through the Alphabet

This post is written by contributing writer, Mary Beth from New Life Steward. I remember the night I fell in love with my husband. We were visiting my parents for the weekend. We stayed up ridiculously late Saturday night playing 20 questions that turned into 200 questions! I’m pretty sure there was chocolate cake involved. I don’t remember much about… Read More