5 Habits We Started Early that Have Kept Our Marriage Strong

Marriage is a beautiful gift. It’s hard. Frustratingly hard sometimes. My husband and I see each other in our greatest times of need. We see each other at our best and at our worst. Everyday we wake up, committing ourselves to covenant keeping love. Each day we get the choice to die to self. We get to choose love. My… Read More

Be a Helper, Not a Manipulator

Too often my motives in bringing ideas to my husband haven’t been pure. Manipulation comes easily to me. My flesh errs on the side of doing what it takes to get what I want. I’m tenacious and meticulous in playing my cards right, and this is bad. This is sin. This is a temptation that I am constantly on guard… Read More

Gentle Guidance – A Helper Fit for Him

By contributing writer, Mark It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to this topic, as there is such a large continuum of stances on the roles of men and women in marriage, and even amongst the readers of this post there will be people all over the board. No matter where you stand, I believe for many… Read More

Be Intentional in Your Marriage with this Free Resource!

Anyone married for a day has learned that marriage takes work – a lot of work. When life gets busy, it’s easy to let your marriage fall by the way side. You start existing alongside one another instead of enjoying one another. After nearly six years of marriage, I can confidently say I love being married more today than I… Read More

5 Steps for Improving Communication in Marriage

This post is written by contributing writer, Mary Beth from New Life Steward. Recently, my small group randomly began discussing the book Men are Like Waffles–Women are Like Spaghetti. Having never read the book (see this post for books I recommend on marriage), I gathered from the others that the main gist of the book is the difference in thinking… Read More

Dating through the Alphabet

This post is written by contributing writer, Mary Beth from New Life Steward. I remember the night I fell in love with my husband. We were visiting my parents for the weekend. We stayed up ridiculously late Saturday night playing 20 questions that turned into 200 questions! I’m pretty sure there was chocolate cake involved. I don’t remember much about… Read More