7 Games to Play as a Couple

We love playing games as a couple. I’ve shared before five games to play as a couple, but we’ve discovered so many more games to enjoy that I wanted to share our newest favorites with you. Game nights are one of our favorite ways to spend a date night in. It’s a great way to unwind together and share a… Read More

20 Quick Ways to Show Your Wife Love

By contributing writer, Mark Life has gotten crazy busy yet again for our family. The list of “due yesterday” is five pages long and the responsibilities weigh on my shoulders like a couple of anvils from a Road Runner cartoon, except I am not as fast as the Road Runner to get away from it all! Ever since Leigh Ann and… Read More

A Recipient of Extravagant Grace

By contributing writer, Ami By now I’m sure your Christmas preparations are well underway. Twinkling lights, trees, wrapping paper, cookies, hot chocolate, wreaths, ribbons, shopping, carols, traditions… It’s a delightful hustle and bustle. I love it. I absolutely do. But sometimes I start to forget the main thing. Maybe you do too? Well, come sit for a minute, grab a cup… Read More