Strawberry Recipes for Strawberry Season!

Are you taking advantage of the strawberry season? It’s a short one, so don’t miss it! In this post, I share about our family’s adventure strawberry picking this year plus strawberry recipe ideas to use up all your baskets of strawberries! When we made the switch to a more natural, real food lifestyle, I quickly discovered local farms that allowed… Read More

How to Make Homemade Frozen Pizzas

Every once in a while, I just don’t feel like cooking. One of my favorite easy meals is frozen pizzas. They are quick, filling, and oh so easy! Just throw some raw veggies or salad on the side and call it a fabulous meal! However, I don’t love the list of ingredients found in the frozen pizzas found in the… Read More

Simple Meal Planning Tips for the Holidays

By contributing writer, Victoria The holiday season is officially upon us. Thanksgiving is coming up only to be followed by the busy Christmas season. While this time of year is definitely a wonderful season to enjoy celebrating all that God has blessed us with, including the birth of our Savior, it can also be a season where we are just… Read More

Baked Chicken Pasta: Super Easy Freezer Meals

By contributing writer, Victoria As we head into fall and the days become super busy, it’s always a good thing to have the freezer loaded with some pre-made meals, or meal starters, to make dinner time prep quick and easy. When I became a mom, my freezer became my best friend! I’m a big fan of cooking once and eating… Read More

55+ Toddler Snacks (You and) Your Toddler Will Love

There are days when I feel like I do nothing but feed a baby or toddler all day long. The minute I finish the breakfast dishes someone wants to nurse or “have a snack.” It can be exhausting! When it comes to feeding my children (and myself!), I don’t want to waste calorie consumption on foods that simply do not… Read More

Preparing for Baby {Stocking My Freezer: Part 2}

By contributing writer, Nikki A pregnancy update: My final weeks before delivery are getting shorter and shorter. Though I am aware of every waking moment that this little boy is still in my belly, I am also aware that I can easily fill my days with “one more thing” to do before his arrival. I am currently 37 weeks and… Read More