28 Tasks to Make Our Homes Run More Smoothly

28 Tasks to Make Our Homes Run More Smoothly - Intentional By Grace

I'm often asked how I can get so much done. Well, I love efficiency. It's my love language. It's also a gift and a curse, but today we'll focus on the gift portion of efficiency. Here are my best tips for making our homes run more smoothly! 1. Make a to-do list I never start a day (that I want to run smoothly) without a to-do list. You can learn about how I make my daily to-do list in Continue Reading

How to Create Routines That Work for You

How To Create Routines That Work For You | Here's some simple steps to creating routines that will save time and energy. | IntentionalByGrace.com

By contributing writer Amy:  Have you ever heard the expression, "Routines are the spice of life"? Umm...me either. Some people think routines are boring, oppressive, mundane. I happen to think they're freeing. They allow me figure out the best process to follow, and then just keep repeating that flow. They help me remember the necessities of life and free up my limited brainpower for Continue Reading

13 Time Saving Tips for the Work at Home Mom

13 Time Saving Tips for the Work at Home Mom - Intentional By Grace

I've been working from home for about four years. It started with a little bit here and a little bit there. When I started Intentional By Grace, I'd work in the cracks of life fitting it in whenever I could. I was a brand new mom who wanted to help support my husband financially while still being home with my son. Now my husband and I both work from home and we've added another little boy to Continue Reading

{Planning 101} Planning Traps to Avoid

Planning Traps to Avoid - Intentional By Grace

We've been talking a lot about effective planning lately. You can go here to see all the posts in our Planning 101 Series. We all have different planning needs. Some of us are wired to be planners by nature. Others of us feel stifled in our souls at the mere thought of planning. Yet all of us have to do plan in some shape, form, or fashion. I want to wrap this series up by sharing some of Continue Reading

{Planning 101} How to Do Daily Planning to Be More Intentional

How to do Daily Planning to be More Intentional - Intentional By Grace

We have finally arrived at what we have all been waiting for. The day in which all of your other planning can pay off! We've done our yearly planning, then zoomed in closer and closer through quarterly, monthly, and weekly planning to this very day that is waiting to be tackled. Because you've done so much planning already, your daily planning will consist of mostly review and deciding how to Continue Reading