Modeling Neighborly Hospitality for Your Children

Contributing writer Victoria from Creative Home Keeper encourages us how to show hospitality to our neighbors this summer, as well as inspire our children to follow suit.  Six years ago when we purchased our home we realized we were moving into an “older” neighborhood. We were the youngest couple by a landslide! Throughout the years, homes have been put up for… Read More

Stop Saying You’re Sorry: Living in True Gospel Community

By contributing writer Ami: “Stop saying you’re sorry. You say it all the time.” “I do? Oh, I’m sorry.” Their looks said it all. Then we dissolved into laughter. “Seriously though, you don’t need to say you’re sorry; you’ve done nothing wrong. And you say it a lot when you talk about Jon.” She was right. I thought I talked about… Read More

Friday Night Meatballs: The Simplicity and Beauty of Sharing a Meal with Friends

It’s Friday morning and I’m gathering ingredients to make spaghetti sauce. I chop onions, mince garlic, and add them to the large pot simmering on my stove. I saute and chop some more. The celery and parsley go in and the aroma fills the entire house. Soon the crock pot will be simmering with beautiful red sauce and the meat… Read More

How to Help a Grieving Friend {The Not So Helpful & the Helpful}

By contributing writer, Ami Sometimes I think tragedy is the catalyst that compels Christians to function as Jesus intended, that is, one body integrally entwined with petty differences cast aside. When the bottom falls out, believers realize a startling truth— we desperately need each other. It’s a paradox. Pain and sorrow can create a church that radiates Jesus’ stunning beauty…. Read More

9 Ways to Show Hospitality {When Hospitality is Hard}

By contributing writer, Amy When I think of hospitality, I picture our dining room table packed with extra chairs, extra people, and extra-good food. I imagine kids running circles around the house while grown-ups drink coffee and laugh over funny stories. The thought makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But sometimes, that kind of hospitality doesn’t come quite… Read More

How to Host an Ice Cream Social this Summer

Summer is wrought with possibilities for getting to know your neighbors, hanging out with friends, and enjoying tasty summer treats! My favorite summer activity involves all three – old friends, new friends, and really yummy food. This summer we plan to host a neighborhood ice cream social! It’s an easy, low-key way of showing hospitality to others; plus, it’s a… Read More