28 Tasks to Make Our Homes Run More Smoothly

I’m often asked how I can get so much done. Well, I love efficiency. It’s my love language. It’s also a gift and a curse, but today we’ll focus on the gift portion of efficiency. Here are my best tips for making our homes run more smoothly! 1. Make a to-do list I never start a day (that I want… Read More

Planning 101: How to Be More Intentional With Your Time

Is your life characterized by only good things? Are you living each day for Him or for yourself? Do you know? Planning 101: How to Be More Intentional with Your Time will teach you how to plan more effectively, and for a limited time only I’m giving it away for FREE to subscribers! God is writing your story. He is… Read More

The Ultimate List of Free Homemaking Printables

Homemaking can be overwhelming, but because I believe that homemaking matters I want to do it well. Really well! The truth is: Homemaking is a skill. It requires intentionality and grace. Homemaking matters not for the mere sake of keeping a tidy home, but homemaking matters because when the storms are swirling around you, your family needs a sanctuary. Your… Read More

How to Create Routines That Work for You

By contributing writer Amy:  Have you ever heard the expression, “Routines are the spice of life”? Umm…me either. Some people think routines are boring, oppressive, mundane. I happen to think they’re freeing. They allow me figure out the best process to follow, and then just keep repeating that flow. They help me remember the necessities of life and free up… Read More

{Planning 101} Planning Traps to Avoid

We’ve been talking a lot about effective planning lately. You can go here to see all the posts in our Planning 101 Series. We all have different planning needs. Some of us are wired to be planners by nature. Others of us feel stifled in our souls at the mere thought of planning. Yet all of us have to do… Read More

{Planning 101} How to Menu Plan to Be More Intentional

Somewhere along the way menu planning became difficult for me. Before having children, I meticulously planned my meals and rarely forgot to pull meat out the freezer to thaw. Before having children, I had it all together and I prepared everything from scratch. Before having … Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Yes I did menu plan… Read More