Strawberry Recipes for Strawberry Season!

Strawberry recipe ideas for strawberry season! Great recipe for strawberry jam and strawberry rhubarb jam. So yummy!

Are you taking advantage of the strawberry season? It's a short one, so don't miss it! In this post, I share about our family's adventure strawberry picking this year plus strawberry recipe ideas to use up all your baskets of strawberries! When we made the switch to a more natural, real food lifestyle, I quickly discovered local farms that allowed you to come pick your own produce. I had no Continue Reading

30+ Homemade Condiments Worth Trying

Homemade Condiments - Intentional By Grace

When it comes to switching to a real food lifestyle, you'll find that one of the hardest things to source is condiments. Most of what you'll find in the grocery aisle is filled with high fructose corn syrup, natural flavorings, MSG, and more. We'll talk more about the ingredients we choose when we choose "convenience" a little later. Even health food stores carry condiments with less than Continue Reading

28 Tasks to Make Our Homes Run More Smoothly

28 Tasks to Make Our Homes Run More Smoothly - Intentional By Grace

I'm often asked how I can get so much done. Well, I love efficiency. It's my love language. It's also a gift and a curse, but today we'll focus on the gift portion of efficiency. Here are my best tips for making our homes run more smoothly! 1. Make a to-do list I never start a day (that I want to run smoothly) without a to-do list. You can learn about how I make my daily to-do list in Continue Reading

12 Ways to Slash Your Grocery Budget

12 Ways to Slash Your Grocery Budget - Intentional By Grace

Are you trying to stick to an impossible grocery budget? Check out these twelve ways I've found to slash my grocery budget that has made a big impact on our finances! When my husband quit his job, we had to take a good hard look at how we were spending our money. Where there was once a surplus was now a teeter totter away from the red line, and what was once an area of much grace (or plain Continue Reading

Grace for the Spring Cleaning Drop-Outs

Grace for the Spring Cleaning Drop-Outs

By guest writer Lisa: Everywhere I look online recently people are talking about spring cleaning. They are sharing checklists, tips, and really helpful advice for giving our homes, our schedules, and even our attitudes a fresh new start. Everywhere I look in my house recently is all about piles of dishes, heaps of laundry, and toys scattered near and far. Clearly, I'm a prime candidate for Continue Reading