{Planning 101} How to Menu Plan to Be More Intentional

How to Menu Plan to Be More Intentional - Intentional By Grace

Somewhere along the way menu planning became difficult for me. Before having children, I meticulously planned my meals and rarely forgot to pull meat out the freezer to thaw. Before having children, I had it all together and I prepared everything from scratch. Before having ... Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Yes I did menu plan before having children. Yes I did have more time Continue Reading

{Planning 101} How to Do Daily Planning to Be More Intentional

How to do Daily Planning to be More Intentional - Intentional By Grace

We have finally arrived at what we have all been waiting for. The day in which all of your other planning can pay off! We've done our yearly planning, then zoomed in closer and closer through quarterly, monthly, and weekly planning to this very day that is waiting to be tackled. Because you've done so much planning already, your daily planning will consist of mostly review and deciding how to Continue Reading

When it All Seems Overwhelming

7 Tips for When It All Seems Overwhelming - Intentional By Grace

I woke up in a fog. The to-dos were piling one on top of the other. Tasks undone spun through my mind. Exhaustion pelted my body. I hardly even knew which end was up let alone how to get it all done. I was tired and completely overwhelmed. When it all seems overwhelming, planning or doing anything can seem pointless. Why does it matter? I'm behind. I'll never catch up. Something isn't going Continue Reading

{Planning 101} How to Do Weekly Planning to Be More Intentional

How To Do Weekly Planning to Be More Intentional - Intentional By Grace

In Steven Covey’s book, First Things First, he uses an analogy about rocks in a bucket to explain time management. When I heard this story, it enabled me to see just how simple prioritizing can be … both to do and to mess up. The story goes: you’ve got big rocks, small rocks, sand, and water. The big rocks represent your top priorities. The small rocks, sand, and water represent the lesser Continue Reading

{Planning 101} How to Do Quarterly Planning to Be More Intentional

How to Do Quarterly Planning to Be More Intentional - Intentional By Grace

Welcome back to our Planning 101 Series! This month I'm talking a lot about how to be more intentional with your time through planning. To catch you up, here's what we've covered: Why We Should Plan My Planning Tools How to Do Yearly Planning to Be More Intentional After you’ve done your yearly planning, you want to schedule a quarterly planning time. You should have slotted these Continue Reading

{Planning 101} My Planning Tools

My Planning Tools - Intentional By Grace

When it comes to planning, it is probably safe to say that we all have a different preferred method of keeping everything organized. What works for me, may not work for you and vice versa. Over the years, I've used many different tools for planning. Today I'm going to share with you what I currently use to get and stay organized. I want to share about my planning tools before we dive into the Continue Reading

A Grace-Filled Approach to Creating a Routine

grace filled approach to routines

By contributing writer Victoria I have a love/hate relationship with routines. On one hand, I love them. I love how having simple routines in place guides my day allowing for predictability. I use routines to outline how my mornings, afternoons and evenings look, and what tasks and daily chores need to be completed. On the other hand, I hate how with each changing season also brings about Continue Reading

A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Healthy Meals for Your Family

A Step By Step Guide To Creating Healthy Meals For Your Family (2) - Keeper of the Home

It's five o'clock. What's for dinner? For many years, if I didn't have a menu plan with printed off recipes, when five o'clock rolled around we'd resort to going out to eat or grab carry out. We had the delivery pizza guy on speed dial and knew which nights had happy hour for cheap appetizers. I didn't know how to create healthy meals for my family without a detailed recipe telling me exactly Continue Reading

My 3 Best Tips for When Life Gets Crazy

My Three Best Tips for When Life Gets Crazy

The last seven years of my life have been a perpetual whirlwind. I feel like I'm constantly in transition. Just when we get settled into our new normal, the Lord uproots us and moves us into another season of change. We're forever rolling with the punches, adjusting our plans, and (mostly) enjoying this life God has given us. A few weeks ago, we shared our entrepreneurial, God-given story on Continue Reading

5 Things to Do Daily to Keep Clutter At Bay

keep clutter at bay

By contributing writer, Victoria  I love the New Year... it's a fresh start, a time to start anew and a season to review your purpose and set some goals for the year ahead. One of the biggest goals that many people have this time of year is to de-clutter and finally get organized. You could spend a whole day (or in some cases, a whole week or more) purging, cleaning and organizing your home Continue Reading