Menu Plan Monday – September 22nd

Quick and easy meal ideas for an exhausting week.

This is our last week at home before we leave on our month long road trip! I can't believe it's almost time to load up the whole family for a trek around our home country! I'll share more about our upcoming trip soon, but for now, here is our menu plan for the week. If you're wondering how I menu plan each week, check out this post. Menu Plan Monday Monday: Pan-Seared Lemon Rosemary Continue Reading

How I Use My Daily Planner to Help Me Menu Plan

How to Make Menu Plan

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Homemaker’s Friend. All opinions are 100% mine. Every week (usually on Saturday or Sunday) I sit down and plan out my upcoming week. I've already shared with you how I do my weekly planning using my favorite daily planner, and today I want to expand a little on how I do my weekly menu planning. It's important to me that my family eat Continue Reading

Menu Plan Monday – September 15th

Quick and easy meal ideas for an exhausting week.

Posting my menu plans here for all the world to see has truly been such a help in keeping me faithful to menu planning. I ride such a roller coaster when it comes to meal planning, but it's without a doubt one of the best things I do for my family. Our days go so much more smoothly when dinner is already planned. We are in an exhausting season of life right now. I'm not sure why it's so Continue Reading

Menu Plan Monday – September 8th

menu plan - make your life easier and feel more organized!

I do not like not having a menu plan. When life is chaotic, unpredictable, and full, the last thing I want to think about on the fly is dinner. Last week, I failed to make a menu plan and when things got crazy, ordering carry-out was my go to. Accept grace. Move on. This week I'm starting fresh, walking in new mercies, and making a plan for my family. Since our breakfast and lunch is Continue Reading

How We Did the Whole 30 Challenge with Kids {plus this week’s menu plan}

How one family did the Whole 30 Challenge with a three year old and a one year old. |

We are currently on Day 29 of the Whole 30 challenge. We are close to the end, and one of the most frequently asked questions during this challenge is: Did your three year old take part in the challenge too? The answer is: Yes. Yes, he did. Inevitably the follow up question is always: How did you manage to get your three year old to give up grains, sugar, and dairy? The short answer is: Continue Reading

Menu Plan Monday – August 11th {Whole 30 Edition}

menu plan monday_edited-1

Last week, I shared my first menu plan, and I was so glad to hear that it was helpful to so many of you! We are currently on Day 15 of the Whole 30 Challenge. This week puts into the back half of the challenge! A Whole 30 Update Briefly, my experience with the Whole 30 Challenge so far has been a roller coaster. I expected this to be a relatively easy challenge, seeing as my family has been Continue Reading

Menu Plan Monday – August 4th {Whole 30 Edition}

menu plan monday_edited-1

Last week, I asked in my weekly newsletter if anyone would be interested in me sharing our weekly menu plan. I was blown away by how many emails flooded my inbox with a resounding, "YES!" Now I know if I ever just need to fill up my inbox to just ask about menu planning! I guess we're all in this boat together - the one where menu planning is necessary, good and true, but can be a serious Continue Reading

Two Week Menu Plan {11/7 – 11/20} and a Baked Fish Recipe

Leigh Ann Working in the Kitchen

Healthy, real food cooking is not for the faint of heart. It's certainly not for lazy women. If you want to feed your family real, nutritional food you have to be willing to put in the work. Bottom line. Now, confession ... I am lazy. I like love comfort and ease. I love to procrastinate. I do not like foods that can't be put together in two minutes. Period. I am so consumed with myself Continue Reading

Two Week Menu Plan – A Little Different Approach


If you remember, I had plans to create a two week menu plan this week. However, some changes were made to our calendar, and I won't be needing it after all. To be honest, I'm a little relieved since it takes a little extra time to plan for two weeks worth of meals. We're packing our bags, bringing in a house/dog/plant sitter, and taking a road trip to see my hubby's family. We're looking Continue Reading

Menu Plan Monday: 10/17 – 10/23

Recently, I tried out a new way of menu planning - two week planning. It was wonderful! I loved it. The only problem? I didn't do it based on our two week budget. What I mean is, I planned the menu and one week of the plan was on one two week budget, and the second week of the plan was on a different budget. Since we get a new budget every two weeks, I wanted to just plan this week's menu; Continue Reading