The 10 Ingredient Natural Cleaning Basket

10 ingredient natural cleaning basket

By contributing writer, Victoria I am in full spring cleaning mode, how about you? I don't know what it is about the change in the weather but when the temperature starts to rise, the sun is shining and the flowers are in bloom, all I want to do is throw open the windows, air out the house and get to work freshening up the inside through cleaning and purging of junk. Spring cleaning fever Continue Reading

What to Do When the Stomach Bug Hits

How to avoid the stomach bug and even some tips for getting over the stomach bug. These are tried and true methods!

The stomach bug is running rampant where we live. It seems like there are a million strands of this thing and just when you get over one bug, you're moving on to another one. It's terrible! A few weeks ago, every member in our house (five total because we're living with my in-loves right now) went down with a violent strand of the stomach bug except me. By God's grace and a few tactics that I Continue Reading

Simple DIY Hand Sanitizer for When You’re Out and About


I'm not a germaphobe. I think dirt is good, and I like to keep beneficial bacteria around. I believe these things strengthen the immune system, which is especially helpful as we come upon cold and flu season yet again. Needless to say, I'm not running around wiping everything clean 24/7, rubbing hand sanitizer on my children's hands at the drop of a hat, or refusing to enter the public domain Continue Reading

My Nursing Mama Herbal Tincture {Promotes Healthy Milk Supply}

nursing mama herbal tincture

Breastfeeding, as natural as it is, can be so hard! There can be so many challenges to overcome. With my first child, we got off to a rocky start, and I almost quit breastfeeding after four days. Once we got our breastfeeding relationship established, I had a hard time keeping a strong milk supply the older my baby got. I was always worried that he wasn't getting enough milk, but I knew Continue Reading

How to Make an Herbal Tincture {A Step-By-Step Guide}

how to make an herbal tincture!

Making your own herbal tincture is so easy. For the longest, I was afraid to make them myself, but after I made my first batch of homemade herbal tinctures, I was hooked. I've been successfully making our own herbal tinctures for a couple of years now, and they have become a regular in our natural medicine cabinet. What is an herbal tincture? Through a simple process, you extract the Continue Reading

How to Naturally Fight the Flu

how to naturally fight the flu

This was the first year we have gotten sick in a long time. After our entire family got over the common cold, my husband contracted the flu bug. Can we say frustrated? The flu is not something you want in your home right after having a baby. Since it's that time of year, I thought I'd share what we did to kick the flu bug in less than 24 hours! My husband was the only one who got the flu, and Continue Reading

How I Stock My Natural Medicine Cabinet

how i stock my natural medicine cabinet

When we made the change to a more natural way of living, our medicine cabinet underwent a major overhaul. We started finding new (and better) ways to treat ailments like the common cold and even the infamous flu. Now instead of mainstream over the counter medicines, you'll find alternative, natural remedies lining our shelves. I am far from an expert on the topic, but after studying the topic for Continue Reading

5 Ways to Get Your Vitamins and Minerals Naturally During Pregnancy

5 {easy} ways to get your vitamins and minerals naturally during pregnancy

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, midwife, certified nutritionist or naturopath. I am not qualified to give medical advice and the following should not be viewed as such. I am instead a mom who seeks to steward her health to the best of her ability and this is what works for my family.  With my first pregnancy, I took my prenatal vitamin faithfully. I hated taking it, and I really couldn't tell if Continue Reading

My Journey into Natural Living and Better Health

a journey into natural living

I talk about real food and natural living occasionally. I even wrote an eBook to help you create real food meals in just 20 minutes, but I've never told you why we made the switch to a more natural life style. Now that we've begun our Grace for the Pregnant Mom series, I feel like I need to back up and share my journey, my perspective, because much of our series will be filled with natural Continue Reading

Can Your Feelings Make Your Sick? How Anxiety & Depression Affect Health (& A Story of Recovery)

can your feelings make you sick

This is a guest post from Jessica Smartt of Smartter Each Day. When I was a little girl, I would crouch by the window at night, waiting for my dad to come home. If he was late, my stomach would be in knots until I saw the lights of his car circle the driveway. As a child, that was about all I knew of worry. I had a traumatic time in college, but other than that, life breezed by, more or Continue Reading