7-Day Real Food Menu Plan {20 Minute Meals Version}

7-day menu plan_edited-1

Do you want to eat real food but feel like it just takes too much time to cook from scratch? Do you resort to prepackaged convenience foods or carry-out meals because you’re exhausted and just need something quick? I have been there. Wait, I AM there! Like you, I’m busy and often exhausted. I just need something in my life to be simple! Since I like making my life easier, and I love to Continue Reading

55+ Toddler Snacks (You and) Your Toddler Will Love

Need some ideas for healthy toddler snacks that even you will love? Check out this list of 55+ ideas!

There are days when I feel like I do nothing but feed a baby or toddler all day long. The minute I finish the breakfast dishes someone wants to nurse or "have a snack." It can be exhausting! When it comes to feeding my children (and myself!), I don't want to waste calorie consumption on foods that simply do not supply my children the nutrients they need. Even “organic” snacks are often highly Continue Reading

The Simplest Crusty Bread Recipe Ever!

the simplest crusty bread recipe ever

I confess - I'm not the best bread maker. I've had a lot of epic fails to tell you the truth. However, I really wanted crusty bread to go with our soup dinner one night, so I set out to make it happen. Sometimes, you just have to set your mind to something and refuse to fail. I'll keep telling myself that. In the meantime, I did happen to create a very simple, crusty bread that was Continue Reading

40 Meals You Can Make in 20 Minutes or Less

40 meals you can make in 20 minutes or less_edited-1

With a baby and a toddler underfoot, I don't have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. If you're like me, you need simple, nutritious meals for your family that doesn't require you to resort to pre-packaged, processed foods or carry-out. Eating healthy doesn't have to fall by the wayside when you're in a busy season of life! My eBook, 20 Minute Meals , is filled with an entire month's worth of Continue Reading

How Does Coffee Affect Our Health?

how does coffee affect your health

I love coffee. It's not so much the actual cup of coffee that I love as the experience of coffee. I grew up sharing Saturday morning conversations with my grandmother over coffee. Of course this coffee was more cream and sugar than coffee, but that is totally beside the point. Coffee is cozy, comforting, and carries such wonderful memories for me. A couple of years ago I began to Continue Reading

20 Minute Meal: Lemon Pepper Pan-Seared Cod

Looking for an easy weeknight meal? Check out this lemon pepper pan seared cod. It only takes 20 minutes!

We love fish in our home. I especially love it because it is so simple and quick to prepare! 20 minute meal anyone? Yes, please! 20 Minute Meal: Lemon Pepper Pan-Seared Cod Fillet Ingredients: 4 cod fillets Lemon pepper seasoning, to taste Salt & pepper, to taste 2 T coconut oil (or olive oil and butter) Lemon wedges, optional Method: Melt coconut oil in heavy skillet over Continue Reading

How to Naturally Fight the Flu

how to naturally fight the flu

This was the first year we have gotten sick in a long time. After our entire family got over the common cold, my husband contracted the flu bug. Can we say frustrated? The flu is not something you want in your home right after having a baby. Since it's that time of year, I thought I'd share what we did to kick the flu bug in less than 24 hours! My husband was the only one who got the flu, and Continue Reading

Hearty Fall Vegetable Soup {Recipe}

hearty fall vegetable soup

It's soup season! Aren't you excited? We're already getting snow in our neck of the woods. So it's definitely time to add soup to the menu. Soups are easy to make and incredibly frugal. I especially love the latter part. But the problem with soups is my family usually ends up hungry again within a couple of hours of devouring bowls full of delicious goodness. Soups just simply do not tide us Continue Reading

How I Stock My Natural Medicine Cabinet

how i stock my natural medicine cabinet

When we made the change to a more natural way of living, our medicine cabinet underwent a major overhaul. We started finding new (and better) ways to treat ailments like the common cold and even the infamous flu. Now instead of mainstream over the counter medicines, you'll find alternative, natural remedies lining our shelves. I am far from an expert on the topic, but after studying the topic for Continue Reading

5 Ways to Get Your Vitamins and Minerals Naturally During Pregnancy

5 {easy} ways to get your vitamins and minerals naturally during pregnancy

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, midwife, certified nutritionist or naturopath. I am not qualified to give medical advice and the following should not be viewed as such. I am instead a mom who seeks to steward her health to the best of her ability and this is what works for my family.  With my first pregnancy, I took my prenatal vitamin faithfully. I hated taking it, and I really couldn't tell if Continue Reading