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  1. Ruthie says

    Hi! Do you mind if I pass on the invite to the marriage prayer challenge on my Instagram? I just wanted to get your permission first. My sister in law and I are doing the challenge together. I also read today’s extra encouragement. That is exactly where I am. I’ve super neglected my first love. It’s easy to nurse and turn on the tv and relax. That relaxing moment can quickly turn into a daily binge…and maybe the only time I squeeze the truth in is a few moments on my phone. I feel as if I got thrown out of the habit of making scripture priority when sleep was a thing of the past. Now that my son is nearly 4 months and sleeping through the night better, I’m having to break these newly formed habits. Thank you for your encouragement. It’s that extra shove in His direction that I need sometimes. On top of the push my wonderful husband gives me. It’s just nice to hear from someone going through the same season :)

    • says

      Absolutely! You may share in whatever way you wish :)

      Also I’m right there with you on the baby and giving myself wayyyy too much grace to let my devos slide. You comment was a good reminder to me! Thank you for sharing!

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