Don’t Waste Your Time

By contributing writer, Amy It happened. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but it did. My daughter turned fifteen (and a half), and now she’s driving me everywhere we go. On top of that, my older son just finished up his first year of college. Seriously. And please bring up the fact that my younger son will be entering the… Read More

How Cancer Gave Me Unshakable Faith

Guest post by Nancy Backues As a self-proclaimed Type-A planner, I am passionate about my lists. I like accomplishing things because then I can cross those things off my list! I like having a plan, and I love sticking to my plan! Unfortunately, my beautiful plans are often interrupted by circumstances beyond my control. In fact, my whole life was… Read More

Refine me, and Refine Me Again

“Must I continue to be tried?” Contributing writer Ami from When Mercy Found Me encourages us to allow the Lord to refine us, even through suffering.  When I found myself sobbing on Mother’s Day, it shouldn’t have been a surprise. Happy tears. Sad tears. Angry tears. An external processor to the core, it gets embarrassing sometimes. But I laugh a lot too…. Read More