How to Host a Mud Party Play Date

By contributing writer, Liz Some of my favorite memories from childhood are playing outside and getting dirty. Running around the woods, climbing trees, splashing in puddles – the world was my playground. The smell of the grass, the squish of the mud, the touch of a cool breeze. These experiences are firmly implanted in my memory. Sensory experiences like these… Read More

Treasures of Grace: Deals and Freebies to Help You Live for Him

Each Tuesday, I share deals and freebies from around the web that will help you be intentional in your Christian walk. If you have a deal or freebie you would like included, you just need to submit a deal. It’s so easy! Are You Subscribed to My Deals and Freebies Newsletter? Enter Your Email Address Signing up for the Treasures… Read More

Don’t Change Your Diet Without Doing This One Thing {plus this week’s menu plan}

Last week I shared with you that we stopped taking care of our bodies and now we’re reaping the consequences. We’ve been taking baby steps back into healthy living these last several weeks, and I have to say we’re already noticing a significant difference! In the coming weeks, I want to share with you some of the changes we’ve been… Read More

Our Homeschool Curriculum Choices {2015-2016}

Like most everyone else, we are back in full swing of school in our home! I shared with you the other day our daily homeschool routine. Today, I wanted to share with you my homeschool curriculum plans for our 2015-2016 school year. This post is a doozy of a post. I tried to give as much detail as I could… Read More

We Ditched Healthy Eating, and It Cost Us – BIG TIME!

Several years ago I learned about the Standard American Diet. I had no clue that the food I was putting in my body had a name, and I certainly didn’t know there was a thing called “real food” or “whole foods” or “organic foods.” I was clueless! Then I got sick. I was experiencing migraines every other week. I needed… Read More

Real Food Menu Plan – August 24 – 30

Last week threw us a curve ball in our meal plan. My husband and four year old caught the stomach bug while the two year old and I tried to stave it off with these tricks. I think we’re clear, but time will tell because I always walk on eggshells for weeks after a stomach bug enters my home. Nevertheless,… Read More