My Prayer Life is a Mess: 3 Ways I’m Seeking to Improve

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My prayer life needs improvement. Prayer has always been a struggle for me. As a mom of young children, tips like "pray at the same time every day" or "review your note cards throughout the day" or "don't think you need to pray long prayers" just discourage me. Because the truth is I want to pray at the same time every day, but I never know if I will be up all night or have little visitors Continue Reading

The Extraordinary Gospel In Ordinary Life

The Extraordinary Gospel In Ordinary Life | Living with the gospel in mind changes everything! |

By contributing writer, Amy I've been a wife and mom for a long time. I've been married to my "lucky" guy for nearly half my life, and I have two kids who are taller than me with a third one gaining fast. I am officially old. Unfortunately, being old or experienced doesn't make the job of homemaking magically easy. This life of raising a family and keeping a house clean for more than two Continue Reading

5 Things I’ve Learned About Pursuing a Dream

5 Things I've Learned About Pursuing a Dream - Intentional By Grace

I believe each of us is made for a purpose, and if we would only allow ourselves to dream, we might discover a path that we didn't even know existed right at our finger tips. My husband and I have always talked about traveling, but until now, we've never really done it. We've always had one hundred and one reasons why it wasn't a good idea right now. We don't have enough money. We don't Continue Reading

5 Reasons We Don’t Pray the Way We Should

5 Reasons We Don't Pray When We Should- Intentional By Grace

Prayer is an intimate part of a Christian's life. Prayer is the way we communicate with God. Yet ask most any Christian to rate her prayer life and she's likely to respond: "needs improvement." We all know the importance of prayer, but yet we fail to make prayer a priority. Why? 5 Reasons We Don't Pray 1. Prayer is not planned Prayer requires us to slow down our busy lives and make time for Continue Reading

Is Your Home a Place of Prayer?

Is Your Home a Place of Prayer - Intentional By Grace

When you think of prayer, what do you think of? I think the true purpose of prayer has gotten lost in today's society. I know prayer has been lost on me. I thought I had it all figured out. You have a need, you take it to God. You walk through something hard, you take it to the Lord. Without realizing it, my prayer life has turned into a way for me to get my needs met, my circumstances Continue Reading

Building the Family: Living the Gospel at Home on a Daily Basis

Building the Family: Living the Gospel at Home | IntentionalByGrace

Post by contributing writer, Victoria Growing up I wanted to be three things when I became an adult: a teacher, a wife and a mother. Those were the desires of my heart and for reasons unknown to me, God blessed me with all three of those desires. While I’m not a teacher in terms of having a profession anymore, I view my call to motherhood and teaching my own children as one in the same. You Continue Reading

How to Create a Family Mission Statement

How to create a family mission statement with free printables. |

When it comes to living the Gospel at home, not only do you need to know why God saved you, but your family needs to understand its God-given purpose as well. Your God-given purpose as a family will be a result of your individual life stories. In other words, your story will influence your God-given mission as a family. In addition, your family mission statement will help you determine your Continue Reading

What Is Your Story?

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By contributing writer, Mark Each and everyone of us has a story. The big and the small events, people, and circumstances that have shaped our lives, our character, and our beliefs stand as landmarks in our lives. There is a reason for our story. We have a God who loves us and is so involved in the little details of our lives that we will never fully grasp the glory of His power, love, and Continue Reading

Be a Helper, Not a Manipulator

are you a helper fit for him

Too often my motives in bringing ideas to my husband haven't been pure. Manipulation comes easily to me. My flesh errs on the side of doing what it takes to get what I want. I'm tenacious and meticulous in playing my cards right, and this is bad. This is sin. This is a temptation that I am constantly on guard against. By God's grace, I'm aware of my temptation to manipulate and can go to Continue Reading

Gentle Guidance – A Helper Fit for Him

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By contributing writer, Mark It's hard to know where to start when it comes to this topic, as there is such a large continuum of stances on the roles of men and women in marriage, and even amongst the readers of this post there will be people all over the board. No matter where you stand, I believe for many of you, knowing how to bring things like the desire for family worship to a husband Continue Reading